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Second Fiddle
Eric Cherry
Bonnie Cherry

There's a song that I keep hearin, a fiddler in the sky tonight
Playin with the angels, a fiddler on a heavenly flight
He used to play second fiddle, but few took note or heard
The song was quite familiar, the message clear and sure

There's a part of me that feels all alone
There's a part of me that's glad the fiddler's home
There's a part of me that simply now is blessed
To share with you the song the fiddler played the best

Now the fiddler lives in heaven, he went his own quiet way
If you listen to the wind you can hear that fiddler say
"Do the best you can and don't give up and live that song of faith"
With his words I'll carry on... and be brave

[repeat chorus]

I think of all the quiet notes, the essence of his style
He gave it all without a stage and he gave it with a smile
He may not have played first string, but one thing I know for sure
My daddy played second fiddle with the Grace that will endure

[repeat chorus]

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