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Today's Son
Eric Cherry

Tonight in Carolina, so far from where I belong
It's so dark I can't hear the phone ring, I must be doing somebody wrong
Cause you see I know the right road like a north bound bird in Spring

Today's Son will light tonight's torches
And to this dark life I still cling
I still cling

I tried to be church-goer till my hair was too long to get in
So I found a more sincere congregation and went to the bar with them
But the lighter I got in the darkness, the darker I got in the Light

Today's Son will light tonight's torches
But now this dark life I must fight
I must fight

From here to there and there to here, I go a lot places
I meet a lot of people who all have the same faces
I don't understand myself, to be right is where I want to be
I need help, I need it desperately
The problem is Today's Son still has His evil grip on me

Today's Son may light tonight's torches
But the Only One, Eternal Son, can set you free
Can you set you free

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