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Brat Prince

Released: 1998 (CD)
Anaheim, CA
Recorded at: "The Cellar" Studios
Engineered by: Juan Croucier
Produced by: Juan Croucier and Brat Prince


Song List:

  1. Screamer
  2. Not
  3. Come With Me
  4. Heroes
  5. Dollar
  6. Strange
  7. Prom Night
  8. Lucy - [28k modem/RealAudio]
  9. Strawberries & Wine

My wife worked with Tommy at his real job, and she went to a lot of their shows. These guys are well established around Los Angeles with well-honed chops, and this professional quality recording is engineered by the bassist from Ratt. They play pop-metal along the Kiss and Motley Crue lines, with a little blues swing, in the most derivative "drink, screw and rock" sense. Their web-site has disappeared, and the band may be breaking up, but this CD is still pretty damn cool.

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