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Unreleased: 1992 (CS)
Long Beach, CA
Recorded at: Long Beach City College
Engineered by: Rowland Ebright and Ely
Produced by: Rowland Ebright and Ely


Song List:

  1. Part Of The Game
  2. Dirty Mind
  3. Fat Little Man - [42k/wav]

This was a demo I was working on with Ely, but the guitar and bass parts are only scratch performances. We had three other songs in the works, but these were the only ones mixed when Jason reportedly became a Muslim and quit the band. Shortly afterwards, he returned home to convert Ely, ending everything, as they claimed rock music was evil and would no longer have anything to do with it. Ely and Jason were brothers, and together wrote all the material. In the six short months they were together, the band had composed over twenty-five songs, somewhat in the pop-punk vein of The Clash or Green Day, but gloomier and with a bit of a beatnik poetry streak. I stayed in touch with Mike for a few years with a couple other projects he went on to, but nothing ever came of this, which is a shame because I really liked the material.

[UPDATE:] I've "stolen" Fat Little Man for my own current band project.

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