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Deep Creek

Vol. I
Released: 2000 (CD)
Feel Good Records
Lake Arrowhead, CA
Recorded at: CSU, San Bernardino


Song List:

  1. 5 Seconds Or Less
  2. Takin' My Time
  3. Wistful / Manna
  4. E Groove
  5. LIke I Do
  6. Rubbur Anthem
  7. Sweet Tooth

I picked this up after hearing just the end of their set when I arrived at a club. They definately know how to do some improvisational jams, Wistful / Manna being the example they've recorded. They have a deep roots in psychadelic hippie-rock like Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead and even Phish, but with a funky groove to it, and plenty of other influences. These guys are clearly talented musicians with knowledge of a broad base of styles. This recording is a little flat in places, but generally sounds pretty professional.

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