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Rock, Rattle & Roll
Released: 1993 (CS)
South Lyon, MI
Recorded at: Lars Basement Studio, Livonia, MI
Engineered by: Ken Michaels
Produced by: Diamondback


Song List:

  1. Come Alive - [52k/wav]
  2. Who Will You Run To?
  3. Riots In The Streets - [28k modem/RealAudio]
  4. Save Our Home
  5. When Will I See You Again

The vocalist and I were roommates in college, and this is one of the several bands hes been in, all now defunct. They play hard rock along the lines of Boston or Bad Company, with a little of an 80's metal edge, especially in the vocals. This is a well performed and clear recording, above the average demo quality, but a bit thin sounding, particlarly the low-mixed guitars.

Update: Just found this link to MP3s and historical info.

[The Demo Barn]