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Doug Beutler

Highway To Paradise
Released: 1982 (CS)
Fort Wayne, IN
Produced by: Doug Beutler


Song List:

  1. Highway To Paradise
  2. Lord I Love You
  3. Peterís Song
  4. Thanks
  5. Sad Times
  6. Hold On
  7. Think Of It As Joy
  8. Stand Firm
  9. Let Us Be Kind
  10. Omega

This is only included for the sake of completeness. This is a lack-luster home recording on a 4-track of mundane tunes with lame keyboard parts, thin guitars, and off-key, wimpy singing. The best track is Hold On, mostly because itís arrangement is a complete rip-off of Stairway To Heaven. I met Doug when I was working at a Summer camp, and heís a nice guy, but a mediocre musician at best.

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