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E. Gadz

E. Gadz
Released: 1990 (CS)
Long Beach, CA
Recorded at: South Coast Sound
Engineered by: Mark Nalore
Produced by: E. Gadz


Song List:

  1. A God Who Bleeds
  2. Intangible - [56k modem/RealAudio]
  3. Muttonhead
  4. Endless Mile
  5. Suitcase
  6. Real Thing
  7. Girl On T.V.

Not quite album quality, but definitely more than a demo. Although a decent amount of guitar work, this is synth-rock along the lines of Talking Heads. In fact, Endless Mile sounds musically and thematically a bit too close to Road To Nowhere to be called original. All the drums are programmed, but programmed well, and the female backing vocals embellish things nicely. This is one of the few demos I have that Iíve never met the band, as my wife had this tape since before we were together.

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