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Unreleased: 1999 (CD)
Downey, CA
Recorded at: Kelsung Studios, Downey, CA
Engineered by: Rowland and Patrick Ebright
Produced by: Rowland and Eviscerate


Song List:

  1. Bloodshed For Humanity
  2. Overpowered By Death
  3. 3/8
  4. Victim Of Consequence
  5. Falling In The Pits Of Hell
  6. Bloody Fucking Pulp
  7. Inner Demons

This death metal band was the first to be recorded in my newly assembled home studio. They were decent enough for the genre, although Dylan was the weakest link, and he's the one that complained about the recording the most, so I'm not sure this was ever released. I kept a cassette copy for myself, because I was quite happy with the quality of it, although the bottom end could have been thicker and clearer.

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