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Live @ Rosewood
Released: 1996 (CS)
Bellflower, CA
Recorded at: Rosewood Church
Produced by: Tim Sloan


Song List:

  1. Funkadaisical
  2. See-Saw
  3. Oatmeal Head
  4. Insideout
  5. Elephunk
  6. 3 Leaf Clover
  7. Melodic Orientation

I picked this up at a tiny coffee shop they were playing. This is a bunch of teenagers who caught the swing wave before it became cool. These songs have a little funk, a little swing, a little ska, a little punk. The recording is off a church PA system and the playing still needs practice, so donít expect much, but these guys are obviously having some fun. Elephunk is the standout track for me.

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