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Released: 2000 (CD)


Song List:

  1. One Of These Days
  2. I Will Love You
  3. My Heart Wants To Love You Again
  4. So Far So Good

I met this young couple through Jesse's father Pat, a regular customer where I work. This is acoustic guitar and vocal folk rock, recorded very clean and her soaring voice is beautiful. I'd compare it to the lighter side of the Lilith Fair trend, or as one of my coworkers put it, Joan Baez without the militant lyrics. The lead guitar in the first song is Jesse's strongest, and the lyrics to the third are the best, with a very cathcy chorus.

Sadly, this disc is solid proof of digital decay, because after a couple years this recording has severely degraded, and is now full of digital distortion and static. Don't believe the lie that CDs will never wear out. I have others that no longer play at all.

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