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Ministry Of Love

Wide Awake And Dreaming
Released: 1987 (LP)
Underworld Records
Recorded at: Kobian Light Studios
Engineered by: Ministry Of Love
Produced by: Mark Nine


Song List:

  1. Nuclear Stone Age
  2. Psychic Nation
  3. Youíre Not On Your Own - [56k modem/RealAudio]
  4. Living In The Moment - [30k/wav]
  5. This Magic Kingdom

Iíd vaguely describe this as psychadelic punk, but thatís just a surface explanation. This is one of the old bands Roger was in before I met him in 1989, shortly before he joined Lost Souls, and he still had several copies of this album in a box in the closet. This group emerged out of jam sessions he would have with William, and when Mark rounded things out, Roger says he kinda took control. He once played me an alternate mix of You're Not On Your Own that greatly toned down the electric guitar and brought out the backing vocals more. The result is a very uplifting and melodic song that he said had a Hey, Jude feel to it, rather than the haunting, more tragic feel of this version.

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