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Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi
Released: 1995 (CD)
Santa Ana, CA
Recorded at: Bandwest Studios, Anaheim, CA
Engineered by: Scott Ragotskie
Produced by: Scott Ragotskie and Guy Nelson


Song List:

  1. Good Day To Die - [28k modem/RealAudio]
  2. Here I Stand
  3. Human State
  4. Dead Or Alive
  5. Angry Man
  6. Who Can I Trust
  7. Crucified With Christ
  8. Who Am I
  9. Gehema
  10. Lest I Forget

Thrash-Metal with a heavy Christian message. Well produced and decently mixed, but the bands chops are pretty average, and the song writing doesn't go anywhere special, although Good Day To Die has a great hook!

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