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Original Booty Burglars

Where's The Party?
Released: 2007 (CD)
Los Angeles, CA
Recorded at: OBB Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by: Catfish & Jerry Curl
Produced by: Jerry Curl & Original Booty Burglars


Song List:

  1. Ghosts Of L.A.
  2. Too Many Hits
  3. Hell Fried Bitches
  4. Funky Camel Toe
  5. Baby
  6. Bootyman
  7. Deathride
  8. Keep The Beat
  9. Johnny Cash Hairdo
  10. Down With OBB?
  11. Huffy Riders
  12. The Liquor Store

These guys put on a high energy show. They have a funky-edged 70's rock vibe.

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