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Released: 2001 (CD)
Louisville, KY


Song List:

  1. Judging
  2. Revolving
  3. Farther
  4. Deeper Than Down
  5. Bitter Shovel
  6. Loose End

Any review I'd give you of this is now irrelevent. Shortly after I finally got a copy of this stuff from a friend of Kevin's, these guys got signed to Lava/Atlantic. So, first go check out Outspoken on the web (while it's still there), then go to the store and buy the album Bitter Shovel. They went into the studio in Seattle with Rick Parasher in November, 2001, and the album finally came out in early 2003. Just go buy it! It has reworked versions of all of these songs, although these recordings are so good it's not a major leap.

I caught them on tour at The Viper Room and they were great. Sadly, due to internal conflicts, the band was no more by September, 2003. By 2004 Kevin began touring as an additional guitarist with Tantric.

As of 2005, Kevin, Donnie and Frank have joined forces with vocalist George Teubl from Detroit to form Ugly, and you can check them out on MySpace, the newest internet Mecca.

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