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Razor Maid

First Cutt
Released: 1987 (LP)
Hollywood, CA
Engineered by: Mark Ishikawa
Produced by: Curt Mitchell


Song List:

  1. Sooner Or Later
  2. Fight For Your Love
  3. Blue Thunder
  4. Obsession
  5. Livin On The Run
  6. Victim Of The Night - [56k modem/RealAudio]
  7. Rock And Roll Invasion
  8. The Drifter
  9. Second Time Around
  10. Too Late
  11. Racing With Time

Curt is my friend Kerrie's older brother. He's an extemely talented guy who used to be my neighbor and I've worked with him in his home studio. This is an album quality recording and mix of generic hair-metal along the lines of Bangalore Choir (which Curt was also a member of), WASP or Warrant. In other words, it rocks really hard, but doesn't have any point.

[UPDATE]: As of an email in May, 2006, John Kirk is currently playing in The Mountain Gypsy Band with Edward Quint.

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