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The Huxlian Reduction Valve

The Huxlian Reduction Valve
Released: 1999 (CS)
Bellflower, CA
Recorded at: Devin's House
Produced by: Devin and Alex


Song List:

  1. Gimmie Some More
  2. Angel Of Mercy
  3. The Hotel Room Song
  4. Cloud 9
  5. Squarer Every Day

4-track bathroom demo. The drums got lost and the guitars are thin, the mix is nearly mono, but all the ideas for the songs are there. Could be much worse, but could be much better.

Released: 2000 (CD)
Bellflower, CA
Recorded at: Kelsung Studios, Black X Studios
Produced by: Devin Haas with Rowland Ebright


Song List:

  1. A Phrygian
  2. Look Inside
  3. Cloud Nine
  4. Angel Of Mercy
  5. Stark Raving Mad
  6. Unsaid
  7. Acetate
  8. Cloves
  9. Isness
  10. Soar Away From Here
  11. Upon Conversation
  12. Firefly
  13. Squarer Every Day
  14. Gimmie Some More
  15. Simplicity Incarnate
  16. The Hotel Room Song
  17. Years To Come

I take credit for basic tracks on 4, 6, 10, 11, 15 & 16. The others are recorded really badly! I mixed the whole thing after Devin got done recording it, so it's a really good mix of some really poor tracks. Don't get me wrong, I like the songs a lot! But to save money, Devin put together his own studio and recorded most of this himself, after starting six songs with me. He's a great musician but a lousy engineer!

Devin and Eric went on to form Entropy with a new bassist and drummer. MP3s of this entire CD are on Devin's site: Black X Music.

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