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The Nain Rouge

Released: 2003 (CD)
Grand Rapids, MI - Friction Records
Recorded at: Cloud City Studios
Engineered by: Ryan "Bart" Williams and Mike Hasty
Produced by: Ryan "Bart" Williams, Mike Hasty and The Nain Rouge


Song List:

  1. Between A Fist And A Hard Place
  2. In So Many Words
  3. You've Made Your Bed...
  4. ...Now Lie In It
  5. Love Letters From A Burning Building
  6. Know I'm Not Coming Back
  7. The Longer We Stay
  8. Breaking Up And Breaking Bones
  9. Even More Flames To Fall In Love With
  10. Everyone I Know Is A Whore
  11. The Future Isn't What It Used To Be

On vacation back to Michigan in the Summer of 2005, I checked out a local show and picked up a couple CDs. These guys were the best of the bands I saw that night. The other CD I got was Flight Of The Jesus Dog. Death metal style growling vocals mostly, but a bit more interesting old-school metal guitar work. Good sounding album released on a local indie label.

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