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The Taint

The Golden Hook
Released: 2007 (CD)
Orange, CA
Recorded at: Adamo's Recording, Westminster, CA


Song List:

  1. No Man's Land
  2. Cold Cold World
  3. The Black Lodge
  4. Red Scare
  5. Dead Man's Cove
  6. Dead By Noon
  7. Surtopia
  8. Maria III
  9. Attack!
  10. Apple! Pizza! Liberty!

Until I do a real review, here's an excerpt from my MySpace blog:

"But the first band, The Taint, were amazing. First of all, a rockabilly band that incorporates a theramin into the mix (the lead singer alternated between it, keyboard and guitar) was certainly different. Second, any band that seamlessly executes their take on songs by Johnny Cash, The Misfits and James Brown within the same set deserves a toast. And then closes with the heaviest version of "O Holy Night" you'll ever witness. Yeah, I dug these guys a lot."

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