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Home Demo
Released: 1992 (CS)
Huntington Beach, CA


Song List:

  1. Now That My Love Is Gone
  2. Song To David
  3. To The Unfriendly
  4. My Song Of Anger - [56k modem/RealAudio]
  5. Six Against Two
  6. Ogre Lives In Me

I went to see a friends band in a bar, and these guys followed. They were jammed in a corner where a pool table had been pushed out of the way. The sound was horrible, but I could see the chops were amazing, so I gave 'em three bucks for this tape, and it blew me away! My wife calls this music for schzitophreniacs, because the arrangements not only change tempo, time and dynamics, but musical style as well. Within one song you get thrash-punk, psychadelia, jazz-fusion, pop-rock, whatever! Playing is phenominal, lyrics are interesting, production is a homemade 4-track, but with little noise and all the pieces are clear enough in the mix.

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