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Forth Yeer Freshman

Rock Your Box
Released: 2007 (CD)
Denver, CO
Recorded at: Phase Four Studios, Tempe, AZ and DMA Studios, Denver, CO
Engineered by: Ralph Patlan and Cliff Pfeifer
Produced by: Forth Yeer Freshman and Lance Bendiksen


Song List:

  1. Big Plans
  2. Hot Wet One
  3. W.T.H.Q.
  4. Balls Deep
  5. No Means No
  6. Chunky Soup
  7. Hungry For Your Butt
  8. Spike
  9. Intro Into Your Mom's
  10. Friend Of Your Mom's (Featuring White Fudge)
  11. Alcoholic Assholes (Wearing Sunglasses At Night)

These guys played a show at Surf City Saloon where I do sound, on tour from Denver. They were really amazing, mixing southern rock with a hardcore punk edge into a killer sound.

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