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Released: 1997 (LP)
S.13 Records
Long Beach, CA
Engineered by: Prometheus Gunde


Song List:

  1. Crown
  2. Edith
  3. Tholis
  4. Enough

Recorded live to a 4-track with vocal overdubs, and not bad, but not what I expected after seeing them live. I ran into these guys quite by accident after having not seen them in over five years when they were members of WASH and Texas Tunnel, not to mention Joker Pickle's Reaction. The show I saw absolutely blew me away, with them trading off bass and guitar, or sometimes just two guitars, with lots of energy, feedback, and originality. If you take the progression of Chuck Berry to Hendrix to Van Halen to Steve Vai to Tom Morello, then Paul Zansler is the new direction in revolutionizing how to play guitar.

These guys added Dennis Owens (singer for Suburban Rhythm) on bass and resurfaced as BlowUpBlow.

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