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Bicycle Pirate Riots
Released: 1994 (CS)
Long Beach, CA
Recorded at:
Produced by:


Song List:

  1. Super
  2. Turbine
  3. Traci
  4. Kids In The Hall
  5. Rubber Box
  6. Ticket
  7. Horse Shit
  8. Ballads Con Brenda
  9. Ode To Pot Walker
  10. The Glitz & Glamour Of Overbites

Truth be told, I've loved this band the few times I've seen them, but their three-guitar and fuzz-bass apocalypse of noise does not transfer well to cassette demo via a 4-track recording. I bought this at one of their shows, and the full-color layout is pretty cool, but the song list is far longer than what I actually have on my copy of the tape. Side two is blank!

I knew these guys originally from the LB underground punk-scene and LBCC recording department, but can't lay any real claim to actually becoming more than an aquaintence. I did engineer one drum session for them on 4-track around 1993, but who knows what every happened to that. They shortly after had kicked out their singer after he'd managed to get a riot going at one of their big shows that ended up doing some $4000 in damages to the venue.

I actually saw a brief interview with them in one of the local underground mags back around late 1998, discussing a recent tour of eastern Europe, so they were around at least that long.

One guitarist, Eric Dunn, went on to join Fuselage, which has progressed into BlowUpBlow. And I've now found this site about them.

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