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Jeffrey Scott

Last Rights For A Dying Heart Last Rights For A Dying Heart
Released: 2005 (CD)

Recorded at: Garden Studios and San Anseline #5, Long Beach, CA
Produced by: Jeffrey Scott and Dave Coulter


Song List:

    Last Rites
  1. All That I Can Do
  2. I'll Be Going Home
  3. Don't
  4. Cupid's Suicide
  5. Ballad of Blackbeard Lawler
  6. Goodnight to Eve
  7. World's Greatest Love Song
  8. Music Box Dirge
  9. So Divine
  10. Mary Ann
  11. Doo-wop Lovers
  12. Nabeel
  13. Just Beg

Saw these guys one night after a Sarah GreeN. show and was blown away. I snatched up this CD in a heartbeat, and was not disappointed. Full studio production, multiple instrument layers, horn sections, great stuff. To describe this guy's sound, imagine Freddie Mercury and John Lennon got together and wrote a bunch of rag-time jazz tunes infused with a garage-rock sensibility. Pop hooks galore weaving together great vocal harmonies and killer piano playing into upbeat and fun songs. Pure joy and heartbreak all at once.

Check him out online here.

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