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love jones

Released: 1993 (CD)
Bay City, MI
Recorded at: Blue Dog Audio, Shepard, MI and Uptown Studios, Owosso, MI
Engineered by: Russ "T. Cage" McKeller and Tim Houser
Produced by: Tim Houser and love jones


Song List:

  1. Confession
  2. Close Enough
  3. Rain
  4. I Can't Cry
  5. Two Loves
  6. Feel You Inside
  7. Life’s Simple Pleasures
  8. Open Your Mind
  9. "Two-Step"
  10. Mood
  11. We Separate - [69k/wav]

Due to another band known nationally with the same name, these guys changed their name to Feeding The Machine, and they were still playing around the central Michigan area until early 2000.

This is, quite honestly, one of my favorite albums. All the material is by Kevin McCreery, and hails back to the spirituality of Under Grace without being blatent or preachy about it. The production is superb, the songwriting and arrangements totally professional, the performances astounding.

Yes, I love this CD.

Although Feeding The Machine is now gone, Kevin moved on, literally. He moved to Nashville and formed a new band called Outspoken.

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