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Rebecca Hansen

Walk With Me
Released: 1998 (CD)
Mission Viejo, CA
Recorded at:
Produced by: Rick Muchow and Rebecca Hansen


Song List:

  1. In The Midst Of Your Love
  2. Your Love Amazes Me
  3. Walk With Me
  4. Be Still
  5. With Your Love
  6. More Than Just A Little
  7. Love Remains
  8. He's Alive
  9. Long As I Live
  10. The Love He Found In Me
  11. He Knows My Name

Don't even know where or when I got this. From other demos in here, it's obvious I have no problem with religious music, but mediocre country-pop psuedo-gospel bores me (see also). Full-on big-80's thick studio production with session performers, drum machines and synthesizers.

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