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Divine Servant Divine Servant
Released: 2005 (CD)
Bellflower, CA
Recorded at: Superfly Sound Studios
Engineered by: Gavin
Produced by: Todd and Ryu


Song List:

  1. Liquid Diet
  2. Path Of A Bullet
  3. SuckA
  4. Life Of Eden
  5. Hell's Comin' To Breakfast
  6. Low To The Ground
  7. Rat In A Hole
  8. I Am The Pain
  9. Save Me
  10. Gerbils In Leather Masks
  11. Freak Of Nature
  12. False Warrior Of God
  13. I Don't Know Anything

Troy used to be on the crew for Vagrant, who are old friends with StoneBlue, so I got to know S.m.F. when they did several shows with StoneBlue throughout 2004. Tony unfortunately had to quit the band for medical reasons, so with StoneBlue breaking up, Mike became their new bassist.

They worked hard to get some guitars with real guts, so this doesn't sound like a demo so much as just an independently released album. Their sound is deliberately rough around the edges, and Troy growls as much as sings, but it's some pretty damn good old school hard-rock. After a few more personel changes, they finally broke up in 2007, with a couple members forming the band Xenolyth, which you can check out on My Space.

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