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Petty Cash

Rockin' The Mustang Ranch
Released: 2002
San Diego, CA
Recorded at:
Produced by:


Song List:

  1. Long Hair Drinkin' Beer
  2. Time Machine
  3. Oblivious Decisions
  4. Empty Boxes Of Nothing - MP3
  5. For You My Friends
  6. High - MP3
  7. Bells Of Regret
  8. No Tomatoes - MP3
  9. Signature - MP3

At one of the StoneBlue shows, I saw these guys (as well as Cage 9) on the same bill and they were totally cool! The mix seems a little thin, but this is otherwise a near-album quality recording. It's mid-tempo hard-rock, with a few heavier parts that sound like early Metallica.

Check out the Petty Cash web-site for more.

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